About Me

My name is Emily Tarry and I am currently majoring in English Literature at Rice University. I decided to start this blog in 2016 because of my passion in writing for things ranging from lifestyle, finance, investments to enviromental issues. Downleypc is a platform where I can express my feelings on certain controversial issues and providing my readers with informations and articles which I find important.

Downleypc also acts as a forum where readers can engage themselves in controversial topics to discuss and understand more about new topics which are posted daily. Thanks to this pleasant community, we have about 500 active users logging in daily! Thus, I hope to improve this site so that I can benefit my readers even further. If you have any feedback or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me with my contact form linked above.

Finally, Downleypc will post new articles every Monday and Friday, so please do show your support by visiting this site often! Also, I hope that you as a reader would be understanding when I am unable to update as frequently as I will be focusing on my school work!

Thank you for your support xx